Posh Lifestyle Solutions


Posh Lifestyle is a Lifestyle Management Boutique located in Charlotte, NC. Established in 2009, with the vision of bringing well-being on an individual basis, we allow you to outsource some of your numerous duties.

Created from a desire to assist our clients in making their lives work with simple ease and success; our mission is to create an oasis of tranquility in our client’s lives, homes and workplaces.

Listed below are just a few of the Lifestyle Management services we offer:

Life Coaching (Stress Reduction, Work/ Life Balance & and Confidant Services)

Personal & Business Assistance

Relocation Services

Project Management & Event Planning

Educational Services (Tutoring, Skill Building, Test Preparation)

Posh Kids – Children’s Services (Drop-In Care,Respite, Aftercare & Weekend Care)

A major component to our services is Health and Wellness. It is incorporated into every aspect of our lifestyle management services.

Our clients are individuals, families and businesses who need a trusted and conscientious collaborator to make the magic in their life happen. Our purpose is to show you through our superior standards and consistent excellent service, how effortless your life can be. Let us show you how to make your life work for you.

Posh Lifestyle Solutions: Turning Dreaming About The Good Life Into A Reality!


If you believe anything is possible, then it is.


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