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I’m Rich

10 Aug


As I ready myself to turn in for the night, I’ve come to an elating conclusion: I’m rich! I already knew I was posh, but on tonight I realize I am rich, I mean reeeeaaaally rich! And I ain’t talkin’ Prince of Zamunda rich.


This evening I searched my wallet. It was empty (not quite, but pretty close). Then, I checked my pockets I found a few coins. I then searched my heart and found you. Then, I realized how rich I really am. I’ve finally realized that Resting In Christ Hands is what keeps me posh and infinitely R.I.C.H..

I am rich in Faith. I am rich in Good Health. I am rich in Love. I am rich in Freedom. I am rich in Peace. I am rich in Happiness. I am rich in Family. I am rich in Friends. I am rich in Heart. I know with unquestionable certainty that being rich in Christ is what affords me all the riches in my life.

May you be as rich as I am. Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, It’s about learning to dance in the rain. Learn to claim your present moment by fully enjoying the richness of what’s all around you.  It’s been there all along. Have you noticed it?

Note To Self: When the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ captures our hearts and we yield ourselves to Him, we suddenly realize that we are exceedingly rich, and not by accident. Christ is what affords me all the riches in my life and through belief in Him, He will do the same for you.

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