I’ll Leave You With This!

10 Dec





So often in life, I hear folks describing situations in their lives. Perhaps you have  a new boyfriend or girlfriend, you found a new bff to hangout with. Maybe you decided to splurge on yourself and spent a couple thousand too many. Or, you’re experiencing new found freedom due to divorce or going to college and being separated from parents for the very first time. Fill in the ___________. I’m sure something here applies to everyone in some way, myself included; and if it doesn’t apply to you, it applies to someone you know.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned is certain about life, it’s that life can present itself in the funniest ways. What may seem like good fortune may very well be just that. If that is the case that is awesome in every sense of the word. We may be elated about recent occurrences in our lives. However,we may be doubting or questioning such things for whatever reason. Intuition, perhaps? Everyone has it, some more than others. I am one of a dying breed that still believes people instinctively know when something is right or wrong, they simply choose to ignore the signs.

No matter your unique situation, whether things are going well or not so well, I encourage prayer, positivity and even wishful thinking. Why? Because there are so many things going on in the lives of people, on a day-to-day basis. But I encourage these things for another reason as well. Utilizing these things keep the mind healthy and are good for your spirit.

As a person who is setting their sights on doing better and being better, I caution you to look at your life circumstances (situations) with discernment. There are things happening in your life may feel so good. Trust me I know. So I can identify wholeheartedly (and I say that with a smile). However, if you done even a little bit of living, you have to know that there’s more to this story called “life”, than just feeling good.

I’ll Leave You With This:

I don’t care how good it is to you, if it ain’t good for you, let it go.


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