Is He Really Into You?

29 Nov


If you want to know how a guy feels about you, do NOT pay attention to what he says or writes. A guy will say anything and he will text exactly what he thinks you want to hear. It is known in some circles as being ‘beat in the head’. It means to be hoodwinked, bamboozled or told a lie with the deceiver getting the long end of the stick and the deceived getting the short end.

Here’s an example: You’re conversing with a guy you’ve been dating for two weeks or even two months. You have been getting mixed signals from him, such as him not calling during times he promised to do so. So you decide to ask him how he feels about you.  This two-bit (meaning cheap; cheesy or of bad quality) sweet talker responds, “I’m really, really feeling you. As far as I’m concerned the sun doesn’t rise until you open your eyes.” At this point, you should be doing a triple take at this fool and wondering if some broke-down pimp just step out of a time machine. Instead, you’ve just been beat in the head!

Okay, now that I’ve managed to go on a tangent, lets get back to the part that’s going to save you a lot of headaches (remember this blog as well as my mission, is about providing lifestyle solutions).

The point is: what he texts or says doesn’t mean much. But what he does means everything. Pay attention to his actions!

Is there a better feeling than hearing the “ding!” of an incoming text from the guy you’re dating? I don’t think so. The anticipation of his desire, the suspense of what he will write, the delicious knowledge that he’s spending time thinking about you. Avoid being easily led. If he were seriously interested he would desire to talk to you face-to-face and only via text as a last resort.

Behavior is the only fail-safe way of determining a man’s intentions. If he spends a lot of time with you, pays a lot of attention, looks forward to seeing you, goes out of his way to be with you, calls you often, texts you right back, makes you feel good in and out of bed, then what he says or texts doesn’t matter because his actions speak for themselves.

Disclaimer: The ‘said’ guy mentioned above may not be two-bit, a broke down pimp, a fool or any of those names. He just may not be into you. Any such names mentioned above are solely used for comical flair. Any one who personally knows the owner of this blog, is aware that she would never call anyone out of their name without ‘just cause’. To do such a dreadful thing would NOT be POSH.


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